Extra value activities

These include music, dance, ballet, marimba, guitar, piano, traditional instruments (ngoma, hosho etc), public speaking, arts and crafts, bush fan, first aid, the businessmen's club and drama. All this helps children to discover themselves through fun. For example the Bush-fan Club may go out into the bush to explore and experience nature or to do some fishing and Hunting! The businessmen's club is mainly focused on how to start and run a small business…! Children are encouraged to start small original projects. After all, they are the business people of tomorrow. All our pupils go through grooming, deportment and general social etiquette to instill socially acceptable values and principles regardless of religious differences. Parents are invited for a night of bliss once every month to watch their children participate and make a display of any of these activities.

Other Activities

Social engagements meant to bond children into one Deluxe family as well as to cheer them up are often organized by the school. We believe that a child needs to learn to interact with other people to avoid creating social misfits.

These activities may take the form of birthday parties, Easter plays, Christmas plays and carols by candle light or sports winners' dinner. Country trips to tourist resorts such as Kariba, Nyanga, Matopos and Chimanimani are also organized and well supervised.