Child welfare and parent convenience

The school has a mini dispensary staffed by a qualified nurse and can handle emergency cases. If a child is unwell, he or she is taken to our sick spot for monitoring and care as appropriate. However, if the situation is seen to be serious or deteriorating, the child is referred to the nearest health centre whilst the child's parents or guardians are notified immediately and their guidance is sought on the choice of medical care provider for the child.

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An after care programme (ACP) is in place for the convenience of the parent. Considering the traffic congestion in the afternoons in Harare and the fact that many parents usually have a few other errands to run during lunch hour, the school has designed a program whereby children may be left in the care of the school until 5.30 pm. From the time school ends at 1pm for grades 3 -7 or 12.30 for Infants grade 0-2, children are taken care of. They are assisted with homework, provided with lunch, and may take a nap if they wish.


The school provides transport to and from the school every day from the city centre and agreed-stop points at a cost.

Uniforms and stationery

The school uniforms are sold at the school at reasonable prices and for the convenience of the parent. Flexible payment plans are available. Textbooks are provided by the school but the parent is required to provide exercise books, pens and other small stationery items as may be required by the teachers. A well stocked and convenient stationery shop is available at the school.